Robinsons Magnolia’s New Nespresso Boutique is the Go-To Destination of Coffee Lovers

A true coffee lover will tell you that drinking coffee is more than the hit of caffeine. It’s in the joy of appreciating its two basic sensory qualities: taste and aroma. With the unveiling of Nespresso’s third boutique in the country, expect a more immersive experience as you get to explore the stories, heritage, and the spirit of creativity behind the company’s coffees. 

Mr. Patrick Pesengco, Managing Director of Novateur Coffee Concepts says, “We’re very much delighted for the launch of Nespresso in Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City. We know it’ll bring so much excitement to customers as they get more involved in the stories behind the cup of coffee they enjoy every day, and how the capsules are being given a second life. Nespresso has always been about offering the full experience. We involve our customers by providing opportunities for a deeper appreciation for all things coffee.”

Firsthand experience of the brand’s commitment

The boutique’s interior and design bring to life the commitment of Nespresso to sustainability, artistry, and social responsibility. From the coffee-inspired muted palette of rich brown and crema-inspired gold to the finer details such as the use of floor tiles and lamps that echo what are found in coffee farms–everything inside upholds the brand essence of Nespresso.

Adding visual interest and local flair to the luxurious atmosphere is the use of capiz on a section of its walls, showcasing the much-admired local material. Capiz is often seen on Philippine-made lamps, decors, jewelry, and handicrafts, making it the perfect accent in completing the boutique design. It’s a widely known material that is as durable as it is beautiful, be it in its raw, translucent form, or in its baked, pearlescent shine.

An Atelier table where a Coffee Specialist takes you through the whole experience of coffee appreciation adds to the whole creative and immersive experience. These table-tops were made from used coffee grounds and 100% sourced wood from reforestation programs. In this area, customers get to learn more about the specifics of Nespresso’s selection of coffees and be introduced to various flavors to help them better understand their preferences.

Moreover, this third boutique in the Philippines boasts a window-to-farm virtual view of coffee farms, paying homage to Nespresso’s partner farming communities. This also features a Greenery Wall, a visual representation of local coffee plantations.

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