Check Out These New Food Items From foodpanda

Sometimes, you just have to get your fill of comfort food to help you get through the day. For any carb craving, foodpanda has a wide array of menus to explore, with new exciting items for foodies to try.  

Simot takes rice meals to a satisfying level with their flavorful and filling rice bowls that are inspired by other cultures. Their latest food offerings are combinations of Asian flavors with Japanese fried rice that is topped with Chinese dimsum faves. Try their Lumpia Chahan Bowl and Siomai Chahan Bowl and enjoy these hearty and uncomplicated dishes that are sulit, simple, and masarap. 

If it’s pasta on your mind, try the latest comfort food offerings of Pasteria. The restaurant that specializes in hearty and nourishing pasta bowls that are made by pasta lovers is celebrating National Pasta Day by launching two new dishes that are available for a limited time this October. The Garlic Butter Shiitake is a sweet, garlicky and buttery blend of flavors in a pasta dish that is loaded with generous amounts of peanuts, spring onions and Shiitake mushrooms. For something creamy, try the Shiitake Ala King that capitalizes on the Filipinos’ love for creamy sauces. Its velvety smooth cream sauce is made more umami with lightly-sauteed shiitake mushrooms.ADVERTISING

Whatever carb craving you have, get your quick and easy comfort food fix with foodpanda. Enjoy the wide variety of dishes from your favorite restaurants or tap on something new to try. The Simot specialties and Pasteria choices are available for delivery or for easy pick up through the foodpanda app. For more information about these offerings, visit foodpanda Instagram and foodpanda Facebook

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