Caltex webinar series shares business solutions for various industries operating during the pandemic 

Construction, mining, manufacturing, marine, fishing, and power generation are just some of the industries that have been affected by the pandemic. To help these companies, Caltex business solutions will share best-in-class practices for running a smoother, better business in these trying times in webinar series called Together Towards Success,

The series kicked off in July 21 with a webinar about maximizing machine runtime. This was followed by another session in August 25 about improving product maintenance for a competitive edge.

On October 6, Caltex business solutions will talk about using proactive oil analysis program as a precursor to predictive maintenance. This seminar will share tested and proven steps on how plant operators can reduce their plants’ downtime. Insights on how to improve an equipment’s cooling system to yield cost reductions will cap-off this session.

And finally, to culminate the 4-part event on November 4, the webinar will now highlight on human energy and focus on proper procedures in managing risks and safeguards by integrating it to drive process efficiency thru human performance. 

One of the many business solutions is the Caltex RBL (Reliability-based Lubrication) Program. RBL helps commercial fleet, industrial and off-highway businesses operate at world-class standards. Caltex specialists look into a business to customize a lubrication program designed to extend equipment life cycles, improve equipment durability, decrease operating costs, and improve fuel efficiency.  

Another solution launched by Caltex in the first half of the year was VARTech Technology for varnish control in power generation, oil and gas and other turbine applications. This two-step solution consists of VARTECH ISC (Industrial System Cleaner) and new range of GST® Turbine Oils, formulated with VARTECH Technology.  

“We know the pain our customers go through to operate their business. We understand not only from a high level but more so down to the challenges presented by industrial gears, hydraulics, air compressors, heavy equipment lubrication, diesel fuel, bearing failures, wire ropes, and engine oils. In these hard times, we want to relate in a more meaningful way to our market with these webinars. We want them to say, ‘We can always count on Caltex for every business solution we need,’” states Billy Liu, CPI country chairman.

For those who are interested on these upcoming seminars, click on this link to register.

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