foodpanda’s pandapro Offers Discounts and Deals Which are Perfect for Your Next Dine-In Meal

Home delivery is a convenient way to enjoy your meals, but sometimes you just want to experience the simple joys of eating at your favorite restaurant again. To add to the pleasure of eating out (with proper social distancing, of course), foodpanda is pleased to announce that foodpanda dine-in feature is now officially available in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. A feature that’s loaded with irresistible deals and promos, dine-in is the newest pandapro perk that lets you enjoy your next sit-down meal with exclusive discounts of up to 40% off!

As a subscriber, you can “hack it like a pro,” with discounts on your total restaurant bill inclusive of food and drink orders at partner establishments. Chili’s and Motorino in Manila, Harbour City and Casa Verde in Cebu, and Koi Cafe by Malagos Garden Resort and BBQ Nation in Davao are only some of the hundreds of partner restaurants to look forward to.

It is also a convenient and contactless transaction, as you can redeem your deals on the spot using the restaurant’s QR code.  Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a local in the area, here’s how to redeem irresistible promotions in 4 easy steps:

  1. Log on to the app and check out dine-in deals. 
  2. Confirm the restaurant discount with the server before placing the order. 
  3. Redeem the selected deal via QR code provided. 
  4. Pay the bill at the restaurant. 

Aside from dine-in, pandapro also offers benefits like exclusive discounts and free delivery on thousands of other restaurants. Digital creator Vern Enciso further explains, “I am glad that I am a pandapro member, because I get to avail of all these privileges and perks to indulge the foodie in me! With the membership experience, I can always count on foodpanda to give great deals every day, from free delivery on my first five orders each month, extra 5% off on pick-up orders, and vouchers with 10% off at foodpanda shops.”

Foodpanda Philippines Managing Director, Daniel Marogy, says that pandapro is the answer for customers who are always on the lookout for sulit everyday deals such as free delivery and discounts on pick-up and now, dine-in. “We want to give our customers the best benefits from the monthly subscription, which is why we include discounts on restaurant dine-in as part of our perks. This is also part of the foodpanda commitment to support the F&B industry. pandapro is only available on the foodpanda app and not on other platforms such as web or mobile web, so download the app, subscribe, and hack it like a pro!”  Advertisement

For more information and updates on exciting foodpanda promos and pandapro membership, visit  

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