Hino Motors Philippines launches Hino Insure

Photo shows (L-R) Mr. Mitsuharu Tabata, President of Hino Motors Philippines and Mr. John Echauz, President and CEO of Standard Insurance during the memorandum of agreement signing.

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the country has partnered with Standard Insurance to provide total support to its customers through its latest offering, Hino Insure.

Through the partnership, all valued Hino vehicle owners can avail themselves of a specially designed insurance package which includes roadside assistance, easier, faster, and accurate claims processing, big cost savings for repairs done at Hino Dealers, and smooth and hassle-free placement of insurance policy.

As the economy slowly reopens and the trucking industry steadily recovers, business owners need to ensure their vehicles are in good condition to match business and operational requirements. They need to be prepared for new opportunities and protect themselves and their investments from risks that arise from unforeseen events or accidents involving their vehicles.

Hino Insure provides comprehensive coverage against damage or loss to the insured vehicle caused by collision, self-ignition, lightning, malicious damage, and theft. Owner can also get cover against Acts of Nature which is not a standard feature in most comprehensive truck insurance coverages. An Acts of Nature cover will ensure that Hino trucks will be restored to its original running condition in the event of damage caused by flooding, typhoon, earthquake, and other natural occurrences. The insurance package also protects the owner from medical and hospital bills to treat injuries of the driver, passengers, pedestrians, and third parties, as well as repair costs to third party property damage caused by the insured vehicle. The special insurance package for Hino trucks and buses is available in all Hino dealerships nationwide.

“One of the many things we’ve learned during this pandemic is to always be prepared. Guided by our Total Support philosophy, we at Hino always try to think ahead and provide holistic quality service for our vehicle owners. We believe that with this new partnership with Standard Insurance, we can continue to provide our customers not just our excellent vehicles and services, but also the peace of mind from having a secure and continuous business operation,” shared HMP President Mitsuharu Tabata.

“Having Hino as our partner is a great opportunity and allows us to reach business owners who wish to protect their assets. We recognize the need to secure business during these trying times and recover possible losses when unforeseen circumstances arise. We are committed to delivering hassle-free claims and other necessary support to Hino’s customers,” John Echauz, President and CEO of Standard Insurance.

Stay updated with Hino’s announcements through its official websiteFacebook, and Twitter pages.


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