StayKChon with Bonchon

There is no stopping the K-Craze! With the third wave of ECQ and more people are staying at home, the love for anything “K” is stronger than ever. From shows to music to food to fashion, the love for “K” anything has become a way of life and there’s no seeing the end of it.

In the busy world we live in, K-Dramas have been found to provide comfort and help ease anxiety. Sort of like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind while staying indoors. Add to the fact that the Oppas and Unnies are also pleasing to the eyes, it’s as if one feels connected to the characters, the places, storyline, and the food! Of course, K-Drama experience will never be complete without the presence of drool-worthy K-Food. 

Luckily, Bonchon, the K-chicken giant straight from Korea, understands the role of delicious food in the whole K-Fever in the time of Covid. The country’s leading K-chicken brand decided to take staying at home to a higher level through its own coined term “StayKChon”. StayKchon is Bonchon’s way of providing a delicious K-experience while safely staying at home. 


Bonchon’s StayKchon promo allows its K-loving customers to buy any two (2) of its 2-pcs. Chicken Meal, Bibimbowl Meal, or Seafood Meal, to get a free 1-pc Klassic Fried Chikin ala Carte. No need to overthink what meal can satisfy one’s “K”raving with Bonchon’s StayKchon promo that runs until Sept. 15, 2021. 

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