Mama Sita Foundation’s ‘Mga Kuwentong Pagkain’ Promotes Awareness on the Philippine Cuisine

On August 6/7, participants can look forward to cooking with history in mind: Philippine food historian Felice Prudente-Sta. Maria gives highlights of her newest book: Pigafetta’s Philippine Picnic through a special video presentation. Marvel at the story of the food our ancestors ate and shared to Magellan and his shipmates!

KBL and Sisig

The Cook-along’s second session features two distinct dishes that by flavor describe the history in which our cuisine transformed. KBL—or kadyos, baboy, langka—is a Visayan dish using ingredients that even early Filipinos could have been using: pork for the flavor, batuan fruits to sour the soup, pigeon peas and unripe langka for a hearty soup dish paired with rice. 

Sisig, by contrast, is a more modern dish that honors age-old cooking methods, with ingredients like calamansi, chili pepper, and onions defining the flavors that go into it. In the Cook-along, participants learn to cook a meatless version: Tofu and Mushroom Sisig.

With this initiative, Mga Kuwentong Pagkain hopes to create greater and deeper awareness on Philippine Cuisine and encourage more people to cook Filipino food wherever they may be. Hence, suggested substitutes for hard-to-find ingredients for those in North America will be given. To register for the second session, visit Mama Sita’s Mga Kuwentong Pagkain on Facebook for more info or go to this link: 

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