Onitsuka Tiger’s Autumn and Winter 2021 Collection is Inspired by Nature and the 1970s Hiking Boom

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger continues to present a contemporary collection that combines fashion with sports, and heritage with innovation.

The Onitsuka Tiger Autumn & Winter 2021 Collection was inspired by the majestic nature of the towering Himalayas in winter and the trekking and hiking boom of the 1970s.

This season, Onitsuka Tiger Creative Director Andrea Pompilio has collaborated with Toyoki Adachi—the designer and art director of the textile graphic brand “nowartt”—and incorporated their graphics into the collection pieces. This textile graphic, created by combining two contradictory concepts: “vintage x art” and “analog (hand-drawn) x digital”, has been used on classic tracksuits, down jackets, and backpacks.

The collection also reflects the lifestyle technology specialized in functionality that is the origin of Onitsuka Tiger, as well as the brand’s aesthetic design details that are full of craftsmanship with meticulous attention. The key items in the collection are the fleece material, which is excellent for keeping warm and preventing cold during winter mountaineering, and the nylon series, which offers a fusion of dazzling neon colors and intricate and unique embroidery stitches. The collection also offers creative styling that makes use of minimalist design items. Puffer coats, as well as striped jackets and dresses, create a lean and modish vibe.

For footwear, the latest models combining archival elements with contemporary designs are lined up. Onitsuka Tiger, supported enthusiastically around the globe, releases a variety of unique designs this season, including boots with a strong grip that reminds of climbing a mountain by comparing the Metropolitan Mentality and modern society to a mountain. Based on a trekking shoe introduced in 1966, the HMR PEAK TRAINER has been updated in design and functionality for a modern lifestyle. The MOAGE CO & MOAGE MO combines a modern and stylish atmosphere with a classic design, and the BIG LOGO TRAINER PUFFED features the prominent Onitsuka Tiger Stripes that extend to the outer sole.

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