Jackson’s Fried Chicken Celebrates National Fried Chicken Day with the Chicken Teriyaki Katsu Series

There’s more to cluck about as foodpanda celebrates National Fried Chicken Day this July with Jackson’s 3 exciting Chicken Teriyaki Katsu series that are available for a limited time only. Jackson’s has already been a homerun favorite among foodpanda customers who crave honest-to-goodness, no-frills, crispy fried chicken.

This month, it takes customers on a food trip that brings together American Southern buttermilk fried chicken and Japanese sweet-savory Teriyaki sauce. This can be enjoyed in three delicious ways: Chicken Teriyaki Katsu Donburi — a steaming bowl of fluffy white rice topped with a chicken katsu cutlet glazed with Kikkoman teriyaki sauce and drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise served with a side of carrots, cabbage, nori and edamame; Chicken Teriyaki Katsu-Sando — crispy, juicy fried chicken cutlet coated with Kikkoman teriyaki sauce and fresh cabbage slaw sandwiched inside the softest homemade hokkaido milk loaf; and Chicken Teriyaki Katsu Wrap — Jackson’s original fried chicken cutlet, Kikkoman teriyaki sauce and cabbage slaw served inside a soft tortilla wrap.

Namee Sunico, Head of Shared Kitchens, shares, “Jackson’s is all about providing honestly good fried chicken experiences and for this year’s National Fried Chicken Day, we thought that with everyone stuck at home, we would go on a global food trip that combines our crispy, tender fried chicken with the flavors of Japan. For our new Jackson’s fried chicken offerings and more, tap mo na yan!”

Daniel Marogy, foodpanda managing director, adds, “We are looking forward to celebrating National Fried Chicken Day with our customers, as we are happy to deliver new food experiences safely to their doorstep. Those who are first in line to hop onto this Jackson’s Fried Chicken Teriyaki food trip can get 50% off on orders from foodpanda using a special promo code that will be announced soon.”

Get the latest promo updates at Jackson’s Fried Chicken Facebook and Instagram pages.

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