Hotel Okura’s Yamazato Launches Summer Menu

Throughout July 2021, Yamazato’s Executive Chef Rinnosuke Mouri will  embrace seasonal Japanese cuisine by presenting four courses of the Summer Mini Kaiseki.  These dishes feature seasonal ingredients that highlight the Japanese summer season.

The four-course Summer Mini Kaiseki includes a seasonal appetizer; pureed corn soup with  grilled sesame tofu; two kinds of sashimi; stir-fried Japanese Wagyu sirloin; grilled ayu with  salt, pickled gingerroot, and lemon; two-colored somen noodles served with shrimp, shiitake  mushroom, and snap pea; as well as matcha green tea ice cream and coffee for dessert. 

Each course is carefully prepared with cooking techniques that accentuate the ingredients’  natural flavors and is served in small sequences, to let you appreciate every detail in delight. The set menu is priced at PHP 3,500++ and is available now until July 31, 2021.

A selection of sake are also available to pair with the Summer Mini Kaiseki for the exclusive  price of PHP 1,000++ per bottle: Gekkeikan Nigori Sake 300 ml, Takara Seishu “Mio”  Sparkling 300 ml, Hakushika Honjozo Namachozo 300 ml, and Umeshu Light 300 ml. 


Japanese Summertime Treats Advertisement

The highlights of this menu are the grilled ayu (also known as sweetfish) and the somen  noodles. The well-loved ayu signals the arrival of summer in Japan just as cherry blossoms  welcome spring. Delicate in taste, the ayu is considered by the Japanese as one of the  tastiest river fish when grilled over a fire and sprinkled with salt. 

A traditional Japanese dish and a summertime favorite, the somen noodles are served with  ice to keep it chilled. The thin noodles are made from wheat, which are dipped in a sauce  called tsuyu and served with green onion and grated ginger. 

The Okura Hotels & Resorts’ traditional Japanese fine dining restaurant Yamazato is the ideal  choice for a relaxed business lunch with colleagues or a memorable evening with friends and  family members. Aside from Kaiseki Ryouri, the restaurant also features teppanyaki dining,  with private dining rooms that allow you to witness your meals prepared a la minute.  

Yamazato is open Tuesdays to Sundays for lunch, 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM; and dinner, 6:00  PM to 9:30 PM. For reservations, please call +63 2 5318 2888. 

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