Savage BGC is Finally Back for Dine-In Guests!

Savage BGC is back to accept dine-in guests starting June 4!  Al fresco seating is also available.

Browse the menu again:  

Locally-sourced ingredients are king, treated and cooked with charcoal, fire, smoke and ash resulting in dishes that are unique and delectable. 

For starters, the bestsellers are Deviled Eggs, Ox Heart & Ash (spicy devilled eggs, preserved ox heart & onion ash);  Pork Rind, Chive & Vinegar  (deep fried pork skin, dusted in vinegar powder & dehydrated chives, paired with curry ketchup); Oak Smoked Salmon, Dill, Sour Cream  (Norwegian salmon, cured and smoked and  paired with sour cream and dill oil);  Chilean Mussels (cooked over embers in white wine, garlic, parsley oil and served with grilled sourdough slices );  and  of course, the wildly popular  Bread & Smoked Butter (house sourdough, freshly baked & paired with hay smoked butter).Advertisement

Mains include:  Pork, Peach, Caraway (marinated Iberico pork chop, charred peach & caraway lavash ); Chicken, Preserved Radish & Thai Basil  (marinated  in M2 and grilled over oak, paired with a salad of preserved radish & Thai basil);

Barramundi, Preserved Lemon, Kalamata (grilled whole barramundi, preserved lemon dressing & crushed kalamata olives) ; Bone-in Ribeye (dry aged in house for 28 days, grilled over oak and charcoal, finished with smoked butter & sea salt ); Grilled short rib, onions, kale (short rib cooked for 72 hours and finished on the grill, fried sweet onions, Tuscan kale puree & bone broth sauce ); Lamb, Chorizo, Garlic  (lamb neck braised and finished over charcoal, paired with a chorizo and garlic sauce ) and Tuna Collar, Soy Bean, Wild Rice  (grilled over oak wood, fermented soy bean emulsion & wild rice furikake ).  

Favorite desserts are  Strawberries & Meringue and Kladkaka.

Wines by the bottle and by the glass go well with these dishes along with other cocktails and beverages

In their application of what one might call primeval culinary methods, Chef Josh and his team have been able to create enticing and delightful flavors to what they toss on the grill or fire.  Thus, the allegorical reference to the unrestrained, “savage.”

(Savage is located at the G/F, The Plaza, Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, Taguig. Follow Savage on social media: @savageMNL.  For inquiries and reservations, pls call 0915 333 9546).

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