Forgot to pick up something at the store? Order and have it safely delivered to you with GrabExpress Pabili!

Need some tools to fix your faulty faucet? Need to get some medicine for quick pain relief? Or perhaps you need some party essentials for a surprise celebration? We’ve all been there. Just when you need something, you suddenly realize you’ve run out. Fortunately, Grab, the leading everyday superapp in Southeast Asia, has a reliable solution for such moments. 

Introducing GrabExpress Pabili, an on-demand shopping service. Consumers can book delivery-partners via the app and request purchase of a wide range of products. It might be diapers for your baby, personal care products for the family, tools from the nearest hardware store, or even  candles and paper plates for an impromptu party. You can pay for the item by credit, debit or cash on delivery.

How GrabExpress Pabili Works

Users can easily ask a Grab delivery-partner to buy items from any nearby store through GrabExpress Pabili. Here’s how to place a Pabili order on Grab: 

  1. Open the Grab app and click on the Pabili icon
  2. Indicate the nearby store where your desired item/s can be bought
  3. Once directed to the Purchase Information tab, fill out the item/s you wish to order and indicate the estimated total price 
  4. Click ‘Next’ to confirm your payment method
  5. Book your delivery and wait for a delivery-partner to accept your order

What Items Can You Get With Grabexpress Pabili?

Since its launch in 2020, GrabExpress Pabili has become a trusted and reliable solution for many consumers. The service now covers the entire metro, giving you and your ‘Kuya Grab’ access to many products. You can get your favorite snack from the nearest convenience store, a pot of succulents from the plant store or a lightbulb from the hardware store.

Here are some of the items consumers buy through the GrabExpress Pabili feature: 

Health supplements

Health is wealth during these trying times, and it comes as no surprise that many Filipinos are re-stocking  vitamins to better protect themselves and their families. Some commonly requested items are multivitamins such as Conzace and Calciumade, and over-the-counter relief for minor ailments. 


Almost no Filipino breakfast is complete without the inviting aroma of soft, warm,  freshly-baked pandesal. Whether eaten by itself, dipped into coffee, or finished off with your spread and filling of choice, pandesal is a classic snack to munch on and best enjoyed at the start of each day. If you find yourself missing the familiar taste of pandesa, there’s no need to wait – a delivery-partner can buy a bag and bring it to you in no time!

Paper plates

Filipinos are, by nature, very social people.  We enjoy throwing parties (safely, of course!) and pakain, especially when it means being able to share memories and laughter with loved ones over our favorite food. Paper plates for gatherings have therefore become a popular item on GrabExpress Pabili when people have forgotten to pick them up at the grocery, or ran into a shortage during time spent with friends and family.


GrabExpress Pabili is no stranger to the Korean wave! With many Filipinos missing the experience of traveling to Korea, going to Korean barbecue joints with their friends, or just simply craving Korean barbecue from watching mukbang vlogs, cooking kits for the crowd favorite samgyeopsal, with its rich and delectable flavors, also lands in the top five most popular Pabili items!

GrabExpress Pabili ensures that customers can easily purchase their essentials without having to leave their homes, proving that when it comes to practicality, reliability, and everyday convenience, Grab is here to bring all your needs straight to you.

Users of GrabExpress Pabili may choose to pay through GrabPay, debit/credit card, or cash. Currently, consumers in the following locations can also enjoy the convenience of GrabExpress Pabili: Metro Manila, Bacolod, Baguio, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Dumaguete, GenSan,Iloilo, Legazpi, Lipa, Olongapo, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zamboanga.

Need a quick purchase but have no time to run to the store? Make the most out of GrabExpress Pabili today to get your hands on your everyday needs! For more information on this feature, visit and check out Pabili on the Grab app!

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