A shiny new cooking range AND quality LPG with Electrolux and Solane’s cooking combo

Here’s some good news for you this quarantine! The country’s most trusted LPG, Solane, has teamed up with global kitchen appliance company Electrolux to bring you an exciting Cooking Combo promo. Upgrade your kitchen with your new cooking besties: a brand new Electrolux cooking range partnered with safe and quality Verified Solane LPG.

From April 1 until June 30, you can get a Php500 Solane e-voucher on an 11-kg LPG refill when you purchase an Electrolux cooking range. Participating home appliance retailers and Electrolux models for this promo can be viewed at the Electrolux website.

How to redeem your Solane e-voucher

Send a private message to Solane’s Facebook page and select Electrolux E-voucher in the chatbot to be redirected to a portal where you can claim the e-voucher. Make sure you have important details ready: your contact number, address, the invoice number of your Electrolux purchase, and the appliance store where it was bought.

Once verified, customers will receive their Solane e-voucher code via text to redeem the 11-kg de salpak or de roskas LPG refill. Click the link in the text to input your delivery address and the voucher code, and you’re good to go!

What are you waiting for? Avail the Cooking Combo promo and make your meals and kitchen duties even better this quarantine.

Need more details? Visit Solane’s Facebook page. You can also learn more about the Verified Solane products you can order in this promo in their website.

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