Tin Cakes Never Tasted This Good! Dairy Queen launches To-Go Tin Cakes for only P399

Get these new canned cold treats from DQ for only P399 each, available for delivery!

Summer is here and Dairy Queen is making it more epic with the launch of its collection of delicious and mouth-watering cakes, placed in easy to hold, and practical tins. This innovative offer allows you to experience the joys of ice cream cake like never before. Called To-Go Tin Cakes, this brand-new offer brings you Dairy Queen cake creations in reusable to-go tin cans. Now you can have your cold treats at your own pace! 

Exciting ice cream cakes at your own pace

With three new & mouthwatering flavors to choose from, there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can even get all three in one go! Just keep them in the freezer, and get your dose of sinful goodness as needed. It is that convenient!

First up is Strawberry Cashew Cheesecake. Indulge in a hearty medley of sweet strawberry topping, chopped roasted cashews, decadent cheesecake bits, and white icing, all resting on a bed of rich and creamy ice cream cake, a mixture of different flavors and textures that complement each other.

Strawberry Cashew Cheesecake

Then there’s Choco Oreo. Dig into a heavenly treat featuring a layer of ice cream cake nestled underneath a generous topping of chocolate, crushed Oreo & cookie chunks, bits of chewy marshmallows, and white icing, the perfect dessert for cookies-and-cream lovers.

Choco Oreo

And last but certainly not the least is Mango Cheesecake. On top of its ice cream cake base is a blanket of luscious mango topping, lavishly decorated with bits of cheesecake and white icing, a confection that will surely leave you wanting more.

Mango Cheesecake

Get these canned cold treats for only P399 per tin can. Now available for delivery through the 8911-1111 hotline, www.dairyqueen.com.ph, and official delivery partners GrabFood and foodpanda. Also available for take-out in all Dairy Queen outlets nationwide. 

To learn more about To-Go Tin Cakes and other special offers from Dairy Queen, visit the official website at www.dairyqueen.com.ph. You can also like and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and join the conversation via #DQ2GOTINCAKES

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