Welcome Summer with Koomi’s New Yogurt Drink Flavors!

Koomi, Manila’s favorite natural drinking yogurt originating from Australia, officially welcomes the summer season with five new deliciously healthy drinks that will make you want to try them all.  Koomikadas are in for a treat as these new refreshing drinks are the perfect way to beat the summer heat. 

Their five new yogurt drink flavors, with Koomi’s signature fun and witty names, include Berry Kiwissable, Tropic Like It’s Hot, Lemon Bee The One, It Takes Passion to Mango, and Kitkat You Outta My Head.

Koomi Berry Kiwissable
Berry Kiwissable
Koomi Lemon Bee The One
Lemon Bee The One

Fans of sweet and tangy drinks may enjoy Berry Kiwissable, perfectly made to balance out the strawberry’s sweetness with the tartness of kiwi. Want a simple yet healthier option? Lemon Bee The One is the way to go – with the classic lemon plus honey combo.

Koomi Tropic Like Its Hot
Tropic Like It’s Hot
Koomi Kitkat You Outta My Head
KitKat You Outta My Head

Tropic Like It’s Hot is a refreshing taste of sunshine made with dragon fruit, apple, and orange. For an indulgent drink, KitKat You Outta My Head is a classic blend for chocolate lovers that will make you want to have a break this summer. Last but definitely not the least, It Takes Passion To Mango is made with passion fruit bits and ripe mangoes, for that perfect sweet and citrusy blend.

Koomi Takes Passion To Mango
It Takes Passion To Mango

Some fun add-ons that you may have with your drink include Koomi’s signature sticky purple rice, chewy sinkers, jelly, fruits, nuts, oats, and many more. You may also customise your drink’s sweetness level by choosing  

Koomi, the flagship brand of the Visum Ventures Group, now has 80 branches nationwide, and is on track to open their 100th store by June this year.

Make sure to drop by and have your favorite #GuiltlessGoodness treats at any #KoomiPH store or order via GrabFood or #FoodPanda.

To know more about Koomi Philippines, visit their website and social media pages: Website: www.koomi.ph Facebookwww.facebook.com/koomiph and Instagram: @koomi.ph

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