Give love this Christmas: Gift your loved ones with Beko appliances

Christmas is a time for sharing our blessings with others, from family members and close friends to colleagues and even strangers. 

Beko understands the spirit of Christmas more than anyone because as Europe’s leading appliance brand, it creates and designs appliances that help make people’s lives easier.

In this time where more people are staying at home for work and school, appliance gifts are very much welcome because they make life more comfortable.

Here are some Beko appliances you can gift to the people who are close to your hearts:

For the condo dweller

The WDB7425R2W is a 7 kg washer and 4 kg dryer, 1200 rpm has the Hygiene+ Wash & Dry Programme that provides ultra-hygienic results at any temperature and a ProSmart Inverter Motor that offers energy efficiency, lower sound levels and higher durability. Meanwhile, the Wash & Wear Programme washes and dries 1 kg of laundry in an hour!

For the single guy who lives alone

The VRT82821BV Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (170 W) has a rechargeable battery and a sleek compact design that makes it easy to store even if your living space is not big. 

For the home cook of the family

The BDC6C55Xis a 60 cm, 69 L, 4 vitroceramic hobs multi-functional oven. Halogen Illumination helps you see how your creations are going along without opening the door while the Durable Door supports loads as heavy as 22.5 kg. 

For the fastidious homemaker 

The GN163122S 640L (22.6 cu.ft.) gross volume has NeoFrost Dual Cooling’s separate cooling systems for each compartment to maintain ideal air flow and optimal temperatures in both the freezer and the fridge. It also has Active Odour Filter that removes odors and bacteria from the cool air circulated in your fridge and Active Fresh Blue Light that help fruit and veg to continue photosynthesizing, preserving vitamin C levels, natural flavours and nutrients in fruits and vegetables and keeping them fresh for up to 30% longer. 

For a big family

The WCV10746M is a Steamcure Hygiene+ Washing Machine that has a 10-kg load capacity, 1400 rpm, and 145 wash programs. With Steamcure, it has a steam-infused stain treatment that applies steam to the stain before the wash, softening up dirt and making it easier to remove.

Appliances are also the best prize ideas for Christmas raffles. Beko appliances make good raffle prizes because they are well-designed, durable and practical.

If you’re looking for prizes to give away for raffles or gifts for your loved ones, check out

For more information, go to Philippines or visit their Facebook page at for more details.

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